Friday, April 30, 2010

My first experience with henna

I use this system, StumbleUpon, to browse random webpages when I feel like looking at different things online. It's very fun and sometimes I find amazing websites. One of them was Henna for Hair. They were showing different experiences with people who used body quality art henna (the one you use to make tattoos on your skin) to dye their hair. The color of the dye from henna is always red.

Dyeing your hair with henna is different than dyeing it with the regular chemical dyes. First, it's not full of, d'uh, chemicals. Henna is a plant. The henna you use is this very plant made a fine dust. Second, henna doesn't "paint" your hair. It is somewhat of a "transparent" dye. Henna is red, and it combines with the color your hair has to create a new one. So if you have dark hair, henna won't make it red, but it will give it shiny red highlights. If your hair is blonde, it will make it orange/copper.

With that in mind, I thought about trying this. I've dyed my hair red for almost 10 years now. Right now I found a nice dye that leaves the hair the color I like, but after a couple of weeks it fades. They always do. So I thought, maybe this would give the hair back the color I love, since I'd be putting the henna over red color.

The experience was fun. What you do with the henna is, they ship you the dust, you combine it with whatever you want, following certain guidelines (check the website). You end up with a mud! and you put that mud in your hair! Luckily I had help to apply it hehe. And let it sit in my hair under a shower cap for 3 hours.

The results: I now have a VERY shiny hair, with a deep red color. I love it. Under the sun, is SUPER bright. The sad part is that I still have to do my roots with normal dyes because henna won't turn my dark brown hair red. But at least now I know what I can do to revitalize the color!

This is the result:

I have absolutely nothing  bad to say about henna. I will use it again, definitely.


  1. Me sorprende que nunca habías usado Henna, mi Mamá lo ha usado por años. Interesante los resultados que obtienes, mejor que estar retiñiendo, que me parece es más agresivo que usar Henna.

  2. Nunca habia escuchado hablar de Henna para el pelo. Pero aun tengo que reteñir mis raices, porque la henna no tiñe pelo oscuro a rojo. Pero al menos no tengo que usarlo en el resto del pelo, lo cual es un avance