Saturday, April 17, 2010

Conformism and the task of moving people

A bit ago I got some kind of "15 minutes of fame" in my current server in WoW, because I wrote this big wall of text about what I thought was very wrong in the guild, and I posted the link on several forums for the "public" to read. I did it moved by a need to vocalize what several members of the guild (my ex guild now) were feeling, feelings that I shared with them. That same night, I had a big talk with one of the officers, and then I felt that the purpose of the post was met, and I took it down.

The biggest problem was that these group of people never approached any officer about their concerns and troubles. I understand them because until a bit ago, I thought they just didn't care. At least one of them do. So in the light of this new discovery, I told my ex guildies to talk to him and explain the situation, now from the inside point of view, instead of my outside voice.

But it seems like they just won't do it. They either prefer to leave it as it is, and let it build up until it explodes (or implodes) by itself and everything falls apart, or they don't have the courage to stand up and say "I think this is wrong". I honestly tried to make them move, to stir them up, to give them a little push so they would get things right since I couldn't do it myself anymore. I don't see it happening. And it makes me sad. I feel like my effort just wasn't enough.

Conformism is not something I'm keen with. I agree that I probably should be more aggressive on some issues that affect my real life, but well, I choose my battles. This one was one I was willing to face, but it kind of faded away. Maybe I don't have the leadership skills to rally them up and fight, it might be possible. I wish I did.

In any case, I learned a lesson. If I want to do something like this again, I have to do it from the inside, not from the outside, where my word might be questionable.

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