Friday, June 11, 2010

Football World Cup 2010!!

I'm not a very assiduous football follower (and yes, football, cause THAT'S WHAT IT IS DAMMIT), but I always look forward to the World Cup. Everybody gathers around to watch these games, and they're entertaining no matter if you are with the teams that are playing or you don't care about them. The matches are interesting by themselves. And I have to add, a bunch of cute guys too heh.

In my case, it has an extra meaning. I'm a chilean living in Texas. Football (soccer) isn't common here. So watching it makes me feel at home again. Specially watching it in spanish. English announcers don't have the spark and the familiarity that latin american announcers have. So I've been following it on the spanish spoken channels they broadcast here. And I just get a kick out of the comments and jokes and the always expected long shout after a goal. It makes me feel in Chile again. And of course I'm waiting for those matches in where my country's team plays. I'll be up no matter what time it is, cheering for them!

Good luck to all of the countries participating in the World Cup!

PS: Go go nordic teams and their blond players! :P

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